Bandstål has a wide range of cut and slitted sheet. We are the main supplier to several large manufacturing companies, who know they can rely on us. But we also deliver small volumes and make no difference in size, either of the client or the delivery volume. As a steel service center, we meet many different needs and is a valued partner among both large and small customers. Our deliveries are always made quickly and without hassle.

Our steel range is basically everything that our suppliers have in their range – from standard qualities to customized and high-strength steels.

We also do subcontract work – in both slitting and cutting.


Slittade band

Tjocklek: 0,10–4,00 mm

Bredd: 3–1500 mm


Tjocklek 0,50–2,00 mm

Bredd x längd: 1000 x 2000 mm och 1250 x 2500 mm


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Vi slittar de flesta metaller.

Tjocklek: 0,10–4,00 mm

Bredd: 3–1500 mm

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Vi klipper de flesta metaller.

Tjocklek: 0,40–2,00 mm

Bredd: 10–1300 mm

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